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Our Reasons Are Simple

Over the past 30 years Tufts Grinding has developed practices to assure that its customers are guaranteed some of the best Turned, Ground and Polished Bars in the industry. From manufacturing to customer service to finished product, our results speak for themselves.

Straightness And Tolerances

Our Straightness and Tolerances are renowned in the industry – worldwide. If our dimensional tolerances are some of the tightest out there, our straightness is unsurpassed. We don’t test some bars, we test every bar and test it at multiple locations along its length.

On-Time Delivery

Our On-Time Delivery is not a fluke, we know that the steel industry has always struggled with this issue. Most companies are apprehensive about discussing on-time delivery, not Tufts. We are currently at a 94% on-time rate – and we won’t settle until we’re at 100%.

Our Lean Manufacturing Journey

…began a decade ago and has transformed our operation by streamlining the flow of material, minimizing setup time and nearly eliminating work in process. We understand that it is our job to adapt to the needs of our customers, not the other way around.  That is why we do not produce in size cycles; we produce to the customers due date.  While we embrace the latest in lasers and automation,  what really sets us apart is our people. From the President to Shipping, from Sales to Maintenance, from Purchasing to Leadmen, nearly all of our employees started in an entry level position on the shop floor. These dedicated employees are what allow Tufts to produce a quality product on time, every time. Our focus is always the customer.  They say perfection is not obtainable; we intend to challenge that assertion.

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