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Tufts Grinding, Inc.

79 E. 34th Street

South Chicago Heights, Il  60411

Email:     sales@tuftsgrinding.com

Phone:   708-755-8900

Fax:        708-755-8904

Business Hours:   8am-5:00pm M-F

Telephone and Email Directory

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Name Title Phone Email
Rigo Cervantes Purchasing Manager 708-323-3775 Rigo.Cervantes@TuftsGrinding.com
Antwan Cook Production Manager 708-323-3789 Antwan.Cook@TuftsGrinding.com
Tami Engels Office Manager 708-323-3778 Tami.Engels@TuftsGrinding.com
Stan Goncher Traffic Manager 708-323-3786 Stan.Goncher@TuftsGrinding.com
Rich Mayer Sales Manager 708-334-8900 Rich.Mayer@TuftsGrinding.com
Tom Scholze Outside Sales
708-567-7758 Tom.Scholze@TuftsGrinding.com
Eric Sexton Safety Manager 708-323-3788 Eric.Sexton@TuftsGrinding.com
Tom Szczepanski Engineer 708-323-3791 Tom.Szczepanski@TuftsGrinding.com
Bryan Tufts President 708-323-3777 Bryan.Tufts@TuftsGrinding.com
Christopher Tufts Business Intelligence Analyst 708-323-3776 Christopher.Tufts@TuftsGrinding.com
Dan Tufts VP of Operations 708-323-3784 Dan.Tufts@TuftsGrinding.com
Rachel Tufts Human Resource & Payroll Manager 219-306-5885 Rachel.Tufts@TuftsGrinding.com